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Voice Amplifier
S90 Voice Amplifier
  • S90 Voice Amplifier
  • S90 Voice Amplifier
  • S90 Voice Amplifier
  • S90 Voice Amplifier

S90 Voice Amplifier

Item No.: S90
60 Watts of powerful, can pick up to 300W, which makes the sound coverage reaches to 3000 square meters ,high-quality sound for audiences of up to 350 people
Main features:
1. Patented appearance;
2. Stylish, ergonomic and comfortable design;
3. Adopt UHF high frequency wireless PA technology, transmission distance up to 35m;
4. UHF double-emission and double-receiving function, which can pair and use
    2PCS hand-held UHF wireless MIC at the same time;
5. Adopt 6.5 inch Hi Fi double magnetic big-size trumpet, maximum peak up to 60W;
6. Adopt SHIDU original sound amplification electroacoustic system, which can amplify
    the sound  in a real & stable way;
7. With Bluetooth 4.0 icloud control, which support playing audio files in mobile, tablet PC..
8. Super MP3 decoding technology and support USB;
9. Equipped with SHIDU original microphone --- Hi-Fi acoustic amplification;
10. Support synchronous Karaoke;
11. Professional voice amplifier, and more suitable for large area & outdoor usage.

Technical parameters:
1. Output power: 60W
2. Charging Voltage: DC 15V, 2A
3. Lithium Battery: 4400mAh
(3PCS * series connection, then 2PCS * parallel connection)
4. Working time: with normal volume
    6~8 hours (musical mode);
    8~10 hours (MIC mode)
5. Charging time: 3-5 hours
6. Product size: 308.5*252*158.5mm
7. Unit weight: 2.48KG
8. Available color: black
9. Working temperature: -10℃~45℃
10. Frequency response: 90Hz~18KHz
11. Sound coverage: 3000㎡
12. Wireless distance: 30-35m